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  • Unicorn Tapestry of Desire Wall Hanging

    Unicorn Woven Tapestry of Desire

    A Mon Seul Desir (to my soul desire).. no matter how we say it, it speaks volumes. This is the unicorn tapestry of desire and love. Also, known as A Mon Seul Desir I French Tapestry.

    This is the sixth wall hanging in The Lady in the Unicorn Series, also known as The Tapestry Cycle. Each of the five senses are woven tapestries depicting each scene for sight, touch, smell, sound and taste. The sixth sense is reserved for love or desire.

    The unicorn is the purest of animals that walk the earth in his solitary and mysterious fashion, showing acts of kindness and selflessness, as he can cure poison with his horn. He is sought after by many for these powers. The fair lady is the only one who can tame the fierce and magical unicorn. The unicorn loves his fair maiden and would fight to the death for her safety and well being.

    Unicorn Tapestry, To My Soul Desire is woven in France, 50% wool and cotton blend, fully lined with sleeve for rod, dry clean.

    44 inches wide by 34 inches high - 4 pounds
    58 inches wide by 44 inches high - 5 pounds
    78 inches wide by 58 inches high - 6 pounds

    Woven In: Woven in France

    Material: Cotton Wool Blend

    Finish: Backed with lining and tunnel for easy hanging.

    Primary Color: Red

    Secondary Colors: Blue, Green

    Product Care: Gently vacuum every 6 months. Dry clean only- when required.

    History: A Mon Seul Desir I is one of the famous six tapestries in the The Lady and the Unicorn series residing in the Cluny museum . Woven in about 1511 they feature the arms of Jean le Viste. Each represents one of the senses except for the final A Mon Seul Desir. Also known as My Sole Desire, this piece is woven in the jaquard style and depicts a young woman of high society with her servant surrounded by a unicorn and a lion on a red background with many flowers and animals.

    A Mon Seul Desir I is a jacquard woven imported French impressionist decorative fine art wall hanging tapestry inspired by one of the scenes from the "Lady and the Unicorn" tapestry series created in the late 15th century. The series explores the 5 known senses, and this sixth tapestry (A Mon Seul Desir "To My One Desire") the meaning behind the sixth piece is left to subjective interpretation. In this panel of the series the Lady is seen here placing her necklace into her jewelry box amidst a deep primary red background with dancing mille de fleurs. Originally from the medieval period of France, this work is a detail from the tapestry rediscovered in 1841, originally commissioned by the La Viste family. This artisan crafted piece will add a feeling of splendor to your atmosphere.

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