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Unicorn at the Fountain Tapestry

The Unicorn at the Fountain Tapestry

The Unicorn is well known for his great strength, agility and the magic powers in his horn. He was sought after by many, but only one thing could tame this mystical animal... his love for a virgin maiden.

Unicorn at the Fountain, also known as Licorne A La Fontaine, is a jacquard tapestry inspired from the work The Hunt of the Unicorn. A beautiful scene depicting hunters and animals watching the unicorn cleanse the water fountain with its horns.

In this tapestry series, richly dressed noblemen, accompanied by the huntsmen and their hounds, pursue a unicorn against a mille-fleur (thousands of flowers) backgrounds. They bring the unicorn to bay with the help of a maiden who traps him with her charms.

The Hunts of the Unicorn were a high point for European tapestry weavers in the 15th century, which combine both secular and religious themes. Originally woven in eight pieces in wool silk and gilt in the southern Netherlands between 1495 and 1505. These tapestries now hang in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. We offer you our high quality Jacquard woven reproduction of this classic design and time in history.

Size: 35 inches wide by 45 inches high

Material: Wool and Cotton Blend.

Dry clean. Rods and tassels sold separately.

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