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Rosie the Riveter Throw

Rosie the Riveter Throw Blanket

Americana Throw

This symbolic Americana Throw Blanket - Rosie the Riveter was to spur on the women during wartime to support the troops and that meant to take on a job of a man, while he was away at war. Things have changed significantly today, but the patriotism and symbolic gesture of support for our troops has not. It's not only inspirational, but a fun throw blanket for the patriotic family supporting the troops.

Size: 54 inches wide by 72 inches tall, 100% Cotton, machine washable, highest quality woven goods. Made in the USA.

This nostalgic artwork empowered women during wartime to support the troops by taking over the jobs of men until they could return. Rosie the Riveter became a symbol for women during this trying period.

Our Weavers and Impeccable Quality

  • Our weavers are the world's largest and produce the highest quality of skillfully crafted throw blankets, pillows, tote bags, and wall tapestries.
  • Woven from 100% Cotton resulting in outstanding color and detail, soft to the touch.
  • Woven in the USA using industry admired Jacquard weaving techniques generating a depth and texture not found in traditional home decor.

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