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New Seasons Metal Wall Art

New Seasons Metal Wall Art Hanging

Modern and magical is this tree against the wild and colorful sky. New Seasons Metal Wall Art begins to dance and move when the light in your room reflects from this artwork. It tends to come alive. It's a rather magical metal wall artwork that will entertain you and your guests.

Talented artist Megan Duncanson creates this artwork using 5 metal panels that are hand-sanded for texture and then painted with vibrant and spectacular designs. It's a stunning work-of-art for your home decor.

Seeing this in person is pretty spectacular and awesome as the images shown on the web cannot begin to do this artwork justice. This metal wall art really does seem to come alive!

Comes ready to hang on the wall. Very high quality. Very cool. Your guests will adore this beautiful metal wall decor.

Artist: Megan Duncanson. Designed and created in USA, 2010.

Construction: Hand-sanded patterns on five (5) panels are then painted. Comes ready to hang.

Material: Paint on sand patterned steel.

Size: 52 inch width by 22.5 inch height by 2.5 inch depth - 52 in x 22.5 in x 2.5 in.

Weight: 20 pounds (20 lbs).

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