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Late Night Romance Metal Wall Art By Karen Tarlton

Late Night Romance Metal Wall Art By Karen Tarlton

Get your house guests to generate some conversation by adding this outstanding metal wall art piece by Karen Tarlton. Each metal panel has a hand sanded finish that displays a brilliant three dimensional (3D) effect from reflected light, bringing amazing movement, texture, and color to the walls of your home.

As you pass by, the wall hanging seemingly moves by reflecting any light in the room. Lighting brings out magnificent movement and texture in each panel! The reflections can only show their best qualities in person.

Size is 23.5 inches tall by 38 inches wide by 1 inch deep (23.5 in x 38 in x 1 in). Color: Red, Yellow, Blue.

Lighting brings out amazing movement and texture in each panel! Paint is applied to protect the metal and it features an amazing array of colors and detail.

These pieces cannot be justified by pictures. The reflections that are brushed into each piece can only show their best qualities in person.

Artist: Karen Tarlton
Year: 2013
Size: 23.5 inches Tall x 38 inches Wide (23.5 in x 38 in)
Depth: 1 inch
Color: Red, Yellow, Blue.
3 back panels
1 layer of metal
High Quality Welded and Bolted Construction
Painted Steel
Weight: 12 lbs
Corrosion Resistant Finish
Handcrafted in the USA
Easy to Clean!
Usually ships in 1-2 business days
Hangs in 15 minutes or less!

About the Artist: Karen Tarlton's works are highly collectible and hang in galleries and homes throughout the United States and Europe. Recognized and acclaimed worldwide. Ms. Tarlton was self-taught until college, graduated from The University of California at Davis, and also studied at the Corcoran School of Fine Art in Virginia. She travels to Europe frequently and many of her current works reflect time spent painting there.

Late Night Romance Metal Wall Art By Karen Tarlton

The hand sanded finish on metal creates an unreal holographic look. If you move while observing this wall art the reflected light displays an amazing three dimensional effect. The true beauty of this artwork cannot be justified by pictures alone.

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