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  • Lady Godiva Wall Hanging

    Lady Godiva Tapestry

    Lady Godiva is legendary in her story of bravery, compassion, and great kindness, as shown and known by this fascinating and beautiful woman. The Anglo-Saxon name Godgifu or Godgyfu means Gift of God.

    Why did Lady Godiva (or Godgifu) from 1040-1080, an Anglo-Saxon noblewoman ride open and notoriously nude through the streets of Coventry in England? It was to prove a point to her husband.

    Godiva was married to Leofric, the Earl of Mercia when she rode her stallion through town in order to gain a remission from the horrible and oppressive toll imposed by her husband on his tenants. Her rebellion against her husbands actions was with high hopes he would change his mind and be kinder to his tenants. This was an usually brave act brought on by her great compassion and kindness.

    This Medieval Tapestry, Lady Godiva certainly is far more fascinating when we know the story behind this brave woman. Makes for an exceptionally exciting work-of-art.

    During Lady Godiva's ride a man named Tom watched in silence as her stallion carried her through the streets. Tom and was struck blind, right then and there. And now you know where the name, Peeping Tom came from. True story, so they say.

    This is a dramatic and excellent medieval tapestry that makes it's statement and brings a focal point to any room.

    Size: 53 inches wide by 43 inches high - Weight: 4 pounds
    Material: 100% cotton. Spot or dry clean.

    Complete the look with one of our popular tapestry rods and tassels to complement your wall hanging, sold separately.

    Great for covering large spaces and softening noise in any room.
    Woven from 100% Cotton resulting in outstanding color and detail.
    Jacquard woven style provides true depth, texture and richness.
    Carefully woven and sewn to create a unique artistic accent to your decor.
    Hand stitched rod pocket makes display simple and secure. Made in the USA.

    Discover our classic tapestriesLady and the Unicorn, Taste. Visit our Gallery for more choices in Medieval Tapestries.

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