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  • Goldie Goldfish Metal Wall Art Sculpture

    Goldie Goldfish Metal Wall Art Sculpture

    The Goldie Goldfish Metal Wall Art Sculpture is a colorful artwork and will surely brighten any room. This metal wall art comes alive when light is reflected from your rooms. This goldfish begins to swim!

    Seeing this in person is pretty spectacular and awesome as the images shown on the web cannot begin to do this artwork justice. This metal wall art sculpture really does seem to come alive and move with reflection of light. Lift the spirits of your home decor with incredible Goldfish metal wall art by Ash Carl. The hand sanded design on the metal creates an unimaginable holographic effect. As you move, the metal wall sculpture seemingly moves by reflecting any light in the room. Lighting brings out astonishing movement and texture in each panel! The hand carved reflections can only show their best characteristics in person.

    One panel comes ready to hang on the wall. Very high quality. Very cool.

    Construction: Hand-sanded patterns on two layers of welded and bolted metal. The artwork is then hand-painted.

    Material: Hand-painted on hand-sanded patterned steel.

    Notable: One (1) back panel and one (1) front panel that are welded and bolted together as one panel ready to hang.

    Size: 30 inches wide by 23 inches tall - 30" W x 23" T

    Weight: 13 lbs.

    Handcrafted in the USA. Hangs easily in less than 15 minutes.

    Typically ships within 1-2 business days.

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