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Gobelins Style - Panoramique Wall Hanging

Gobelins Style - Panoramique Woven Tapestry

In the 18th century there was a demand for exotic art in Europe and Gobelins was there to supply that demand of the people. Due to all the stories circulating Europe of exciting new places traveled in the far east, people naturally wanted to see the fascinating places and scenes they had been told so much about. They also wanted to show off such exciting works-of-art in their homes.

This is a fictional work, Gobelins Style, Panoramique Tapestry as seen by the landscape of perhaps an estate wall in France with a pyramid and the palm trees all in one place, yet well accepted at the time. This art work continues to be popular today.

Size: 80 inches wide by 60 inches high
Material: Wool and cotton blend.
Country: Woven in France. Pansu Tapestry.
Category: European Wall Tapestries and Tapestry Hangings
Details: Lined with sewn sleeve for tapestry rod, dry clean. Rods and tassels sold separately.

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