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Gobelins Loiselles Stitch - Oiseaux Exotique Wall Hanging

Oiseaux Exotique Woven Tapestry

European Wall Tapestries and Tapestry Hangings

This work-of-art is woven in France in the finest Gobelins Loiselles Stitch and is the highest quality Pansu tapestry. The Oiseaux Exotique tapestry is inspired by one of the first panoramic printed wall papers by Julien Deltil in 1830 and also know as Exotic Birds wall hanging.

This work is representative of Brazil and the 18th century excitement and demand for exotic art in Europe and faraway countries were a huge hit and fashion statement in France. Once again, Gobelins was there to supply that demand from the excitement that was raised by the stories of travelers to exotic lands and the huge curiosity of the public to see what was out there.

These fine woven goods took Europe by storm and everyone wanted one of these exotic European Tapestries displayed in their home.

Size: 36 inches wide by 48 inches tall

Weight: 4 pounds

Primary Color: Green

Secondary Color: Yellow

Material: 80% Cotton, 20% Viscose and Polyester blend.

Country: Woven in France - Gobelins Loiselles Stitch - Pansu

Category: European Wall Tapestries and Tapestry Hangings

Details: The finest Gobelins Loiselles Stitch, Pansu Tapestry, backed with lining and tunnel for easy hanging, dry clean.

History: Oiseaux Exotique, or Exotic Birds,is a European jacquard wall tapestry. It comes from one of the first panoramic printed wall papers. It is attributed to Julien Deltil, and was first sold in 1830. This landscape depicts Brazil, with its tropical plants and exotic birds. Representations of faraway countries were much in fashion at the time.

Rod and tassels not included.

Usually ships within 5 business days.

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