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Bandana Cow Throw Blanket

Bandana Cow Throw Blanket

Americana Throws

Pretty funny and full of character and humor are part of the charm with the Bandana Cow Throw Blanket. It is American as apple pie and a festive motif for just about any occasion.

This high quality throw blanket is made in the USA and woven with 100% soft cotton. It will keep the chill off and keep you warm on a chilly day or evening.

Bring a smile to your face and a laugh for your friends and family when they see this colorful accent in Americana throw blanket decor in your room. Enjoy.

Size: 54 inches wide by 72 inches tall, 100% Cotton, machine wash, tumble dry, highest quality woven goods. Made in the USA.

This is mimicked after a classic bandana pattern. A fun cow flanks the center. Shown here in vibrant black and red, it is sure to satisfy anyone with a flair for country decor.

Our Weavers and Impeccable Quality

  • Our weavers are the world's largest and produce the highest quality of skillfully crafted throw blankets, pillows, tote bags, and wall tapestries.
  • Woven from 100% Cotton resulting in outstanding color and detail, soft to the touch.
  • Woven in the USA using industry admired Jacquard weaving techniques generating a depth and texture not found in traditional home decor.

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