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  • Amphora Belgian Wall Hanging - Wall Tapestry

    Size: 54 inches wide by 76 inches tall

    Weight: 4 pounds

    Composition: 100% Soft Cotton Chenille

    Finish: Tapestry is unlined. Has a tunnel for easy hanging.

    Primary Color: Cream

    Secondary Colors: Green, Red

    Product Care: Gently vacuum or dry clean as needed.

    Rod and tassels not included.

    Grecian Amphora Woven Throw or Tapestry

    Woven in Belgium

    History: Amphora Belgian chenille tapestry features a two-handled vessel used to transport wine or olive oil, the amphora has been in use by the Greeks and the Romans for centuries. Meaning, carry on both sides, amphoras came in two shapes: pointed bottom and flat bottomed. The pointed bottoms allowed the amphoras to be set into the sand while the flat versions were meant for use in the home. Amphora tapestry depicts the latter. It is accented on each side by Grecian pedestals, which support a lovely arch above. The arch has a wonderful vine wreath hanging from it. The amphora, or urn, is very detailed, right down to the ornate handles that give the piece its name. The Grecian Amphora Throw was more than likely a lovely prize. These high quality amphorae vases and urn's go back to times in Athens, Greece and were given as a prize for ceremonial and social events. Some Amphora were inscribed with I am one of the prizes from Athens, and date back to the Panathenaic Festivals held between the 2nd and 6th century BC. These classic chenille throws are a beautiful statement for your rooms and may also be used as a soft and rich woven tapestry for the wall.

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