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  • Afternoon River Metal Wall Art By Brian Simons

    Afternoon River Metal Wall Art By Brian Simons

    This 3 panel metal abstract wall art sculpture hanging by artist Brian Simons will mesmerize you and your guests! Rejuvenate any lifeless wall when adding this landscape art piece to your home decor.

    The brushed metal design creates a unique 3 dimensional (3D) holographic effect. As you pass by, the sculpture artwork seemingly moves by reflecting any light in the room.

    Lighting brings out amazing movement and texture in each panel! The beautiful colors of greens, blues, yellows really bring let the outside in.

    Size is 23.5 inches Tall x 38 inches Wide (23.5 in x 38 in)

    Paint is applied to protect the metal and it features an amazing array of colors and detail. These pieces cannot be justified by pictures. The reflections that are brushed into each piece can only show their best qualities in person.

    Artist: Brian Simons
    Year: 2012
    Size: 23.5 inches Tall x 38 inches Wide (23.5 in x 38 in)
    Colors: Green, Blue, Yellow, Gray
    Depth: 1 inch
    3 back panels
    Brushed 1 layer of metal design
    High Quality Welded and Bolted Construction
    Painted Steel
    Weight: 12 lbs
    Corrosion Resistant Finish
    Handcrafted in the USA
    Easy to Clean!
    Usually ships in 1-2 business days
    Hangs in 15 minutes or less!

    About the artist: Master artist Brian Simons, a self-taught artist, has derived much of his inspiration from the GROUP OF SEVEN, the French Impressionists and the Writings of Bahaullah (Bahai Faith). Brian and his family moved to Vancouver Island from Alberta, where he first began to painting approximately 30 years ago. Brian has had numerous commissions for a television production company, commission work for architects, several corporate and private sales both in Canada and the United States. His reputation is well-established and his work can be seen in galleries in the US and Canada.

    Bring life to any dull wall when adding this abstract landscape art piece to your home decor. This awesome metal wall art consists of three panels featuring a brushed metal design that displays a stimulating holographic effect. As you pass by it seems to move.

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