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After The Rain Metal Wall Art By Glen Frear

After The Rain Metal Wall Art By Glen Frear

Rejuvenate any lifeless wall when adding this forest landscape art piece to your home decor. This 3 panel metal wall art sculpture hanging by artist Glen Frear creates an unbelievable serene feeling when it is hung on your wall. The brushed metal design wall sculpture creates a unique holographic effect. As you move around the room, the sculpture artwork seemingly moves by reflecting any light in the room.

Size is 23.5 inches Tall by 38 inches Wide (23.5 in x 38 in)

Lighting brings out amazing movement and texture in each panel! The illuminating colors of blue, green, yellow and white really makes you feel you can smell the air after a great rain of the season.

Paint is applied to protect the metal and it features an amazing array of colors and detail. These forest landscape pieces cannot be justified by pictures. The reflections that are brushed into each piece can only show their best qualities in person.

Artist: Glen Frear
Year: 2012
Size: 23.5 inches Tall by 38 inches Wide
Color: Blue, Green, Yellow, White
Depth: 1 inch
3 back panels
Hand sanded 1 layer of metal design
High Quality Welded and Bolted Construction
Painted Steel
Weight: 12 pounds
Corrosion Resistant Finish
Handcrafted in the USA
Easy to Clean!
Usually ships in 1-2 business days
Hangs in 15 minutes or less!

About the Artist: Glen Frear has been working in the Arts since childhood, working in the Realist tradition. He began working in pencil, producing large animal portraits most recently. He began working in acrylics in recent years, and his work now includes intimate landscapes often overlooked in the hustle of modern life as well as images of the railways that made the continent. He has been involved with the local arts council for a number of years. His reputation is well-established and his work can be seen in his British Columbia studio in Canada.

Revitalize any boring wall when adding this forest art piece to your home decor. This metal art by Glen Frear features a unique brushed metal design. When you walk by, the artwork comes to life as it appears to move. A unique brushed metal design is featured which will mesmerize you and your guests!

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