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Tree of Life Wall Hangings

Connecting The Tree Of Life Tapestry Art To Heaven, Earth, And The Underworld

Tree of Life Tapestry Art by William Morris is perhaps the best known work-of-art and masterpiece today. William Morris wove his design directly into a tapestry, where most all other tapestries are woven from paintings.

Tree of Life Tapestry is symbolically and artistically representing heaven, earth and the underworld. It is the symbolic translation of the Tree of Life that is analyzed and studied in science, religion, philosophy, mythology, and other schools of thought.

Tree of Knowledge speaks of good and evil. Cosmic Tree speaks of wholeness. The Garden of Eden is where the Tree of Life offers immortality, but tempted Adam and Eve with the forbidden fruit. Regardless of your interpretation the Tree of Life Tapestry Art takes on a meaning for you and yours in a beautiful work-of-art.

The Tree of Life Tapestry Art comes in many styles and designs such as the Celtic Tree of Life shown in the Celtic Tapestry with it's unique interpretation. Artist Gustav Klimt has his Art Deco Style. There are many creative and sophisticated compositions just as there are beliefs in the Tree of Life and what it represents.

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