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French Tapestry Collection

J Pansu or Halluin Tapestry with Gobelins, Loiselles or Meurins Stitch

These are the finest woven tapestry wall hangings in the world and they are made in France. If you are familiar with the J Pansu or otherwise known as the Halluin tapestries then you know you have found the best of the best tapestries in the world representing exquisite detail and skilled workmanship in fine woven goods.
French Tapestry
The famous stitch used in the tapestry weavings are the Gobelins, Loiselles and Meurins stitches.

It is true that when you have found one of these gorgeous tapestries you have found a work-of-art. You'll want to own and keep the Pansu Tapestry as a true treasure. It will last you a lifetime and bring you pleasure.