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European Tapestries

European Tapestries

Cultural scenes and motifs for tapestry wall art are woven in Belgium, France, Italy and in the USA to accent your wall decor with beautiful wall tapestries. It's a European influence and the stylish designs that capture the cultural world of tapestry art as only Europe did during the Renaissance times.

Today many of these fine jacguard loom woven tapestries are woven depicting the masterpieces and other well known artworks shown in New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art, as well as other fabulous museum's from around the world. These European tapestries are interesting and take on a unique look for great stylish tapestry wall hanging decoration.

The European Tapestry wall hangings woven in Belgium, Italy and the popular French Pansu weavings lets you show your guests a room with style and sophistication. The heirloom European tapestries compliment a room wonderfully well.

Belgium tapestries
Belgium Tapestries
French tapestries
French Tapestries