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Barca Al Contraluz Woven Wall Tapestry

Barca Al Contraluz Nautical Woven Wall Tapestry

Woven Fabrics Create Beautiful Coastal Tapestries - Super Saver Discount

Barcelona artist Poch Romeu is known for his meticulous attention to detail, as well as his superb understanding of lighting. In his painting Barca al Contraluz, which translates from Spanish to "boat against the light", Romeu shares his depiction of a simple fishing boat, moored by the shore. The quaint village with businesses and homes provides a rich backdrop for the calm water. Our woven wall tapestry reproduction of the quiet landscape translates the artist's vision skillfully.

Size: 41 inches wide by 53 inches tall - Weight: 3 pounds
Material: 100% cotton. Gently vacuum or dry clean as needed.

The Contraluza Barca Tapestry is gorgeous. As the name implies, a contraluz is a place or area where light plays a key role in setting the atmosphere or mood. The boat in the calm waters suggests as much to us in this beautiful scene.

We envision the great escape in this coastal scene for those much needed peaceful moments. Poch Romev is a master with a brush and canvas around European boats and water. This weaving brings on the full effect of both, a masterpiece and a soothing presence in home decor.

Great for covering large spaces and softening noise in any room.
Woven from 100% Cotton resulting in outstanding color and detail.
Jacquard woven style provides true depth, texture and richness.
Carefully woven and sewn to create a unique artistic accent to your decor.
Hand stitched rod pocket makes display simple and secure.
Made in the USA.
Rod and tassels not included.

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