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Sunday Afternoon by Seurat Tapestry

Tapestry - Sunday Afternoon by Seurat

Wall Art by Famous Artists. Think Tapestries!

A Sunday Afternoon On The Island Of La Grande Jatte Wall Tapestry

A recreation of an original oil painting is represented in this wall tapestry. A lovely beach front park is crowded with people in this vibrant wall hanging.

Size: 53 inches wide by 34 inches tall - Weight: 4 pounds
Material: 100% cotton. Gently vacuum or dry clean as needed.

George Seurat (1859 -1891) was born in Paris. He founded the school for Neo-Impressionism. Pointillism is the technique and style Seurat used with his using almost dot-like tiny brush strokes in his play on light with contrasting pure colors. When looking at his canvas up close you cannot make out what the composition is, however when stepping back it comes into full view, in all it's splendor.

Sunday Afternoon is a monumental masterpiece and one of Seurat's most famed paintings.

Wall tapestries by Van Gogh are plentiful and with good reason, he is one of our most famous artists in the world.

Great for covering large spaces and softening noise in any room.
Woven from 100% Cotton resulting in outstanding color and detail.
Jacquard woven style provides true depth, texture and richness.
Carefully woven and sewn to create a unique artistic accent to your decor.
Hand stitched rod pocket makes display simple and secure.
Made in the USA.
Rod and tassels not included.

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